Leadership Development

Our one-on-one coaching is ideal for individuals who desire to build and strengthen their leadership brand.

We begin our coaching engagement by assessing your current leadership ability to motivate and inspire those around you.
We’ll incorporate strategies to cultivate your strengths and raise your awareness on areas that may be blind spots for you. Ultimately, we’ll support your development and help you increase your personal effectiveness; your leadership impact on others; and your capacity to build positive and sustainable relationships with your key stakeholders.

Personal Development

Our Certified Coaches use an “inside out” approach to coaching.

We focus on who you’re being and how you show up in everyday situations. We’ll support you through a journey of clarity, transformation and growth.
Using our Core Energy Coaching techniques, you will have an opportunity to uncover what blocks you from leading the life you envision; and instead equip you with the skills you need to make a conscious shift to identifying your purpose and maximizing your potential.

Team Development

We work with new and intact teams to establish a clear sense of purpose which is the foundation of a highly effective team.

We'll incorporate a number of activities to help members of the team connect to one another on an intellectual and personal level.
Team members will engage in a process to build a working relationship based on competencies such as trust, communication and collaboration. The end result will be the development of team norms that result in greater organizational effectiveness, increased contribution and tangible value to the bottom line.